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Nissan Auto Repair in Houston

Nissans are one of our preferred vehicles to service; our mechanics work on all models of Nissan and are well-trained to look for problems that are unique to your vehicle. Nissans are more prone to brake and cooling system problems. That is why we pay extra attention to these systems when you bring in your vehicle for maintenance. For honest and affordable Houston car repair, come to the specialists at HCS Automotive!

Take a "Brake" and Maintain your Nissan

Every automobile manufacturer has a maintenance service schedule that they recommend all drivers abide by. The service schedule is unique to each make and model, addressing the specific functional concerns of each vehicle.

At HCS Automotive, we perform all the services you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly, preventing future malfunctions and the need for expensive repairs. Moreover, we keep detailed records of our maintenance services, so we know exactly what needs to be done the next time you come in. Our database also allows us to make sure that we are not providing you with a service that you have recently had, allowing us to better detect potential problems with your vehicle and save you money!

Best Auto Repair in Houston

Here at HCS, we specialize specifically in Japanese vehicles. We know what problems specific makes and models are prone to and have years of experience with driving and computer diagnostics. Decades of expertise result in reliable diagnoses and accurate quoting.

The last thing we want you to do is put off necessary repairs and aggravate the situation because it is too inconvenient to drop off your vehicle. We are open on Saturdays and offer shuttle services to make it easier for you to take care of your Nissan!

For more information about our pricing and Houston auto repair services, please call 713-789-4556 or visit our shop at 3602 Dunvale Rd.

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