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Auto Repair Houston: Hyundai

As experts in Japanese vehicle maintenance and repairs, our technicians are used to seeing the health of a vehicle decline drastically after the warranty expires. To get the maximum drivability and lifespan of your vehicle, it is essential that you keep up with the factory recommended maintenance schedule. At HCS Automotive, we work hard to save you money in the long run by provided you with maintenance service and light repairs, helping you avoid large, expensive repairs. For more information about our services, drop by our shop.

Houston Mechanic Helps you Maintain your Vehicle

We will work directly with the car owner to develop a personalized maintenance schedule that meets the requirements of your Hyundai model and the demands of your lifestyle. Whether you are a heavy commuter or your Hyundai is your spare vehicle, we have the experience and the flexibility to find a way to make tune-ups easy and convenient.

Our exhaustive 82-item maintenance checklist inspects every aspect of your vehicle, both mechanical and electrical. Everything from your spark plugs and timing belt, to brakes and cooling system will be inspected. We only service items after discussing them with you and providing you with an accurate quote, so there are never any surprises at pick up time.

Expert Auto Repair Houston

When its time to repair your car, you want to make sure you are putting your vehicle in the hands of an auto shop that won't up charge. HCS Auto is built upon excellent service and Christian values; our track record is a testament to those core values.

If you are ever in the need of a second quote, remember that we provide Hyundai owners with honestly priced electrical and mechanical repairs and can help you judge whether your auto shop is giving you a fair quote. Moreover, we are open Saturdays and offer shuttle services to aid car owners in the drop off and car pick up process!

Let us check your vehicle and help you properly maintain it. Call you local Houston mechanic, HCS Automotive, at 713-789-4556 to inquire about pricing and our specific repair services.

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