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HCS Auto Repair

Honda Car Repair and Maintenance

HCS Automotive was founded on our passion for servicing Honda vehicles. Hondas are built to last, and we take great pride in making sure that the vehicles we service stay on the road for as long as possible.

Honda Maintenance Service Houston

The key to keeping your Honda healthy and running smoothly is to keep up with factory scheduled maintenance. Unlike dealership service centers, we stick with the factory guidelines, ensuring that your vehicle is serviced exactly the way manufacturers intended.

Moreover, since our shop is independent of Honda, we are more invested in keeping our customers safe and happy than we are in protecting our reputation. We work hard to ensure that our customers are aware of any recalls on their vehicles and make sure to inspect all aspects of the vehicle, as opposed to sticking strictly to the maintenance criteria.

As experts in the field, we can perform rigorous, comprehensive maintenance on all types of Honda models, including newer hybrids.

Honda Car Repair

While we emphasize preventative maintenance, we also provide a variety of repair services. This includes anything from timing belt replacements to more serious mechanical repairs.

Both owners of HCS Auto have been working on Hondas, specifically, for over 30 years and are more than able to quickly diagnose the source of any of your car trouble. All of our repairs are coupled with accurate estimates and detailed explanations about the causes of the problem. By helping educate our customers on how to better take care of their vehicles in the future, we hope to reduce the likelihood of future mechanical problems and pricey repairs.

For more information regarding our Honda car repair and our history as a Houston Honda service shop, please call 713-789-4556.

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