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Auto Repair Houston: Acura

Every car make has its strengths and weaknesses. As Acura specialists, the mechanics at HCS Automotive know how to perform proper maintenance on all models of Acura so that we can prevent some of the more common malfunctions.

Moreover, decades of experience with Acura vehicles have provided us with the skills and know-how to quickly diagnose any electrical or mechanical problem in your car. The end result is affordable Houston auto service that will allow you to keep your Acura on the road for as long as possible.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance for Acura Vehicles

Our goal at HCS Automotive is to keep car owners educated about the benefits of keeping up with your Acura's specific maintenance schedule. In addition to regular oil changes, proper maintenance service can drastically extend the lifespan of your vehicle and reduce the potential for costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns.

At HCS, we follow the factory's recommended maintenance schedule, not the dealerships. We also add other items to our maintenance check-off list, provided our customers with a more well-rounded inspection and tune-up.

The information about your vehicle is stored in our system so that we know what needs to be tune-up next time you come in for maintenance service.

Houston Auto Repair Service for Acuras

HCS Automotive offers a variety of auto repair services, including engine service, electrical repairs, mechanical repairs, timing belt replacements, and diagnostics. Our ASE certified technicians repair vehicles correctly the first time around, ensuring that the source of the problem has been completely addressed.

In addition to reputable and affordable repair services, we also offer shuttles to assist with the pick up and drop off of your vehicle. If we can't fix it in our shop, we will happily assist you in finding a shop that suits your needs!

Call HCS Automotive at (713) 789-4556 to learn more about proper maintenance for your Acura model and to ask about estimates for our Houston auto repair services.

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