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Timing Belt Replacements: Auto Repair Houston

Replacing your a timing belt at the proper interval is necessary if you want to avoid possible engine damage. The timing belt is part of the mechanism that opens and closes the valves of the engine. Since they are made of rubber, they will harden, crack, and dry rot with age.

Correctly replacing your belt at the proper time is preventative maintenance service that will help you avoid expensive engine repairs, a tow bill, or being stranded on the side of the road. Call us today to discuss the suggested timing belt replacement schedule for your Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, Nissan, or Infinity.

Trusting an Auto Shop with your Timing Belt Replacement

By choosing HCS for your timing belt replacement, you will have the confidence and security that comes with selecting a Houston auto repair shop with years of experience.

Because we specialize on Toyota and Honda car repairs, we know which engine, year, and models need special attention. We have the knowledge to decide which seals, gaskets, tensioners, or bearings we should replace while working on your timing belt and the experience to discern whether replacing the engine would help your vehicle. Our price quotes include all the necessary items to perform a safe, reliable and professional service for your vehicle.

Do not trust inexperienced auto mechanics with such a critical maintenance service. Call the Honda car repair experts at HCS Automotive to learn more about our pricing and our Houston auto repair services.

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