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Here at HCS Automotive, we believe in the valuable investment of preventative maintenance. That is why we perform all the scheduled maintenance service intervals called for in your owner's manual. We perform each service to meet the maintenance and safety requirements that have been suggested by the manufacturer (not the dealership) of your particular vehicle. In fact, due to the vast experience we have acquired over the years, we actually go beyond those minimum requirements on each service with our exhaustive 82 item checklist. By requiring our technicians to use such an extensive checklist on each service interval, we are able to explain to our customers the true current condition of their automobile. It allows us to check and track wear patterns from one service to the next. Your checklist is put into a hard file after each service, and can be viewed by the technician on your next visit. These notes allow us to calculate and track future needs on brakes, tires, belts, etc., in order to maximize the life of each part on your car. This procedure also helps you save money over the life of your vehicle, not to mention lowering your chances of a breakdown, being stranded or having a catastrophic failure.


When possible, we prefer to test drive, diagnose or inspect each vehicle before quoting prices or suggesting repairs over the phone. Once inspected, you will receive a full explanation of the needed repairs. An honest estimate will then be provided, along with our professional opinion on whether this repair is needed now, or if it can safely wait to get more mileage out of a certain part. Staying out of your wallet and maximizing the life of each part, necessary for safe and reliable operation of your car until replacement is necessary, is what we do everyday.

HCS Automotive prefers the use of parts created by the original manufacturer, along with outstanding semi-synthetic oil products from VALVOLINE. (This is a combination many technicians who work in other shops envy, where quality parts are not as important as profit). Some of the many services we offer include . . .

Service Intervals
Check Engine Light
Brake Light
ABS or Traction Control Light
Brake service
Cooling systems
Electrical repairs
Computer diagnostics
Drivability complaints
A/C Service
and so much more...

The quality of parts we prefer to use, and the experience of the technicians we employ is the reason we can offer a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on our repairs, unless otherwise noted.


If your vehicle is at least five years old, or if you have 90,000 + miles on your car, you may be past due for a timing belt replacement. After so many miles or several years of usage, all belts are subject to dry rotting along with normal wear and tear. The timing belt keeps your engine's camshaft in proper time with your crankshaft. It is also responsible for turning other components like the water pump and oil pump depending on your model. If the timing belt breaks while the engine is running, which is usually the case, serious engine damage can occur. One or more of the pistons will usually come in contact with an open valve. Besides the inconvenience of being stranded and paying for a tow bill, this failure can become a very costly repair.

The great news is that all this can be avoided by replacing your timing belt at or before the recommended time. Shopping for your preventative belt replacement can be very tricky. Several shops and dealerships will try to lure you in over the phone with a very low price for a t-belt job, then explain the extras after they get your timing covers off. Here at HCS Automotive we perform a complete timing belt job based on our vast experience. For example, on a Honda Accord 4-cylinder, we replace the timing belt, balancer shaft belt, all outside drive belts, water pump, coolant, oil pump drive gasket, camshaft seal, balancer shaft seal and retainer. All these items get replaced because they can destroy your new timing belt if any of them fail after the belt is replaced, which we have seen happen too many times over the years.

So, when price shopping, be sure to compare what you're actually paying for, and what the time and mileage of their warranty is. Please don't be fooled by those low prices. We have always felt our best customer is an educated consumer. See our article on "Price Shopping".


With an appointment and advance notice of your needs, full shuttle services are available in most cases, please ask while making your appointment.


If your automobile has unfortunately become a victim of one of Houston's yearly floods, HCS Automotive can help you through this trying time. The first step is to call your insurance company to begin a claim, so that you will be near the top of the list as they assign adjusters to the claims that have been made. Try to remove all personal items and trash from the vehicle before having it towed to our shops.

It is best not to drive the car more than absolutely necessary, (if it runs at all) to minimize the amount of mechanical and electrical damage. We will need your permission to remove the seats and carpets to begin the drying process and to prepare an estimate before the insurance adjuster arrives. This is standard procedure with almost all insurance companies. For more info please read High Water on our Car Care Tips page.

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