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Auto Repair Houston: Driving Diagnostics

What separates HCS Automotive from large auto service franchises is our decades of expertise with Japanese vehicles. While many large auto service centers rely on computers diagnostics, HCS Auto relies on years upon years of experience to properly diagnose electrical, mechanical, and safety issues in your vehicle. This allows us to repair your vehicle more fully, ensuring that the issue is fully resolved and that you won't need to come back in for additional repairs.

Expertise with Driving Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics are fantastic for pinpointing certain problems, but they oftentimes only tell half of the story. All too often do mechanics fix the problem that computer detects without fixing the actual root of the malfunction. The problem may be fixed for a while, but it will inevitably return, resulting in many expensive trips to the auto shop.

HCS Automotive identifies the source of the problem using an integrated approach. We utilize computer diagnostics, visual inspections, and driving diagnostics to pinpoint the source of the malfunction.

All of our repairs are carried out in a timely fashion with budgetary concerns in mind. Our goal is always to get you safely back on the road and to ensure that you will not need to come back for repairs for a long time!

Learn more about our driving diagnostics and experience as an auto repair shop in Houston by calling 713-789-4556 or stopping by our shop.

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