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HCS Auto Repair

Houston Auto Repair Reviews

Came here for a second opinion. It was pretty much what I thought. but they walked me through EXACTLY what was wrong and how the issue occurred. Great friendly staff and service. They are officially my new mechanic."

Kimberly K.

Looks like my car has found a new spa for itself. This place truly deserves. 5 stars. My front left break had been making a noise for last 2 years. I took my car to Firestone and one more place, all of them change couple of parts (bearings, break pad and what not) of-course it costed me a lot of money.

I had to take my car every 3-4 months for the same problem, recently I decided to try out HCS based on the yelp reviews and I am so happy. They figured out the reason quickly and identified the right part that needs replacement. It costed me much less and I don't hear any noise anymore. My car is running awesome. They also gave me some discount on the labour.

Thanks HCS Auto, you are absolutely awesome in what you do. Highly recommend this place over any other so called experts..."

Sudhir K.

HCS Auto has cared for our family's 2002 Toyota Camry & 2007 Toyota Prius like family would. What a joy to have an auto repair team whose faith we can trust to sell us only what we need.

Mark R.

HCS came recommended to me by my wife's boss. I was looking for a replacement shop as my old shop just wasn't cutting it and going to the dealer is highway robbery. Before I took one of my cars there I stopped by to meet the crew. I was greeted by Sherry and then I met Tony, Miguel and Anthony. I was impressed immediately by their knowledge on many mechanical issues. I decided to give them a go. This was one of the best decisions that I have made. They have now worked on 2 of my Hondas, 2 of my Toyotas and my Scion TC. I call Sherry (who is as knowledgeable about the mechanical workings of cars as any of the mechanics), give her a heads up that I am coming and when I arrive, my vehicle is pulled into the shop and the service performed. They have rebuilt a transmission on my '03 Honda and provided me with a 3 year, 36000 mile warranty (won't get that at the dealer) and they most recently replaced the throttle body and brake pads on my '04 Toyota Camry. They've also performed all of the oil changes for all of my vehicles. I've twice brought in vehicles that I was considering purchasing to have them inspected. One they gave the green light (the Scion) and one they said no way (an Acura). I trust their judgement fully. Recently they have started using BG products These products have a great reputation and I've added BG44k to my fuel several times in the past. They also remodeled the office and the waiting area and it looks really nice. If you are looking for a top notch shop, you owe it to yourself to stop by their southwest location (north location has closed). I promise you that you will be glad you did.

Mark F.

This place is one of the best things about Houston. We've had several issues with our old Honda mini-van. In the past six months alone we've taken it to the shop nearly a dozen times. Unlike previous mechanics and dealerships we've visited, however, HCS isn't out to make a quick buck. They are incredibly honest and look out for our best interests, offering thorough advice. Their labor costs are very reasonable, and at times they didn't even charge us for diagnostic work.

Brandon V.

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