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Car Repair in Houston: Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

  • Are You ASE Certified?
    Certification provides you with a third-party (objective) way to evaluate skills. Many Houston auto repair shops will proudly display their ASE certifications. Other certifications to look for include: Automotive Service Association (ASA) and American Automobile Association (AAA).

  • How long have you been in business?
    Longevity matters when you're looking for good auto repair in Houston. Ask any potential shop how long they've been in business. What's a good length of time? It depends, but a shop that has been around more than twenty years is obviously doing something right.

  • Do you do a lot of service on vehicles like mine?
    Choosing an auto repair shop with mechanics who specialize in your type of vehicle is important. You want the guy under the hood to know everything about your make and model. Your Houston mechanic should be able to tell you exactly what types of vehicles they specialize in. Come to think of it - this might be a good question to ask before you drive up to the garage.

  • What types of parts do you prefer to use?
    This is one area where less is not necessarily more. While you want your mechanic to do everything they can to save you money-- you certainly don't want them to scrimp on parts when repairing your vehicle. Remember that brand-name parts often have better quality. This is especially important to ask when a coupon or special-offer has brought you in the door!

  • What type of warranty do you offer on your services?
    This is a big one. You want the person doing your car repair in Houston to stand behind their work. So, what's a good warranty? If they're offering 30 days – I'd high-tail it out of the shop in a heartbeat! On the opposite end are phenomenal Houston auto repair shops that offer 24month/24,000 mile warranties.

  • Can you provide me with references?
    Choosing an auto repair shop is an important decision. While things like "feel" and "impression" are important when finding a mechanic in Houston – there is no substitute for experience. Get the numbers and make a call or two. Note how willing the shop owner or manager was to turn over the information. It's one thing to be hesitant to provide personal information – it's another altogether if they are left scratching their head for a "good" reference.

  • What type of diagnostic equipment do you have?
    Let's be honest – you may not have any clue about the latest-and-greatest in diagnostic equipment gracing the floors of a Houston auto repair shop. The real answer you're looking for is an affirmative that the business has invested in quality tools to get the job done. This is especially true with newer vehicles.

Get your answers now from HCS Automotive! HCS has been offering car repair in Houston since 1987 and their staff of mechanics has more than 100 years of combined experience. Call HCS Automotive today at 713-789-4556.

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